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Indian Remy Micro Loop Hair Extensions are revolutionary in the world of Extensions. This system does not require any heat, glue, keratin bonding or sewing.  Most importantly this system does not yield damaging effects on the hair as heat, glue, keratin bonds, glues, braiding or sewing. No Glue, No Mess, No Fuss. Appointment time approximately 3 and a half hours depending on length and thickness or natural hair.


Hair extensions last approximately 3 months depending on how fast the natural hair grows, and general maintenance of hair extensions. Hair extensions must be supplied by customer after having consultation in the salon, to ensure you have the perfect colour match for your hair. Hair extensions and after care guide found online at

Hair planet offers AAAA garde hair

and is what we recommend to our customers.


Full head Hair extension application:


Micro-loop hair extensions: 150/220 strands of 0.8g 16” / 20 “


Half head hair extension application :


Micro-loop hair extensions: 90/120 strands of 0.8g 16” / 20” (depending on style)


Individual strands, prices may vary depending on how many.


Hair extension maintenancefrom                       £40.00

(after 6-8 weeks)


All application Includes cutting and blending

50% Deposit required 3 weeks prior to appointment.


20" Medium Brown

100S Curly Micro Loop Remy Human Hair extensions


18" Ash Blonde 100S Micro Loop Remy Human Hair Extensions


20" Natural Black  Micro Loop Remy Human Hair Extensions

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